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Using Discount codes

If your event organiser has given you a discount code it can be used at checkout to get money off of your ticket. 

The code should be entered on the screen immediately after you click view selections -

Click on add a discount code and enter the code. This must be written exactly as issued, for example in the screenshot above the code is 'HALFprice' and would not be valid if entered as 'halfprice', 'HALF price', 'HaLfPrIcE', etc.

The discount will be deducted automatically from your basket total.

Please note - only one discount can be applied at a time, this includes multiple codes and bulk booking discounts. If you have already qualified for a bulk booking discount (e.g. 3 tickets purchased at once gives a £2 discount) then entering a discount code will void this original deduction. 

Contact your event organiser directly if you need any help entering a discount code.