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What to do if you accidentally create an event organiser account

Bookwhen will never require any login details before the 'booking details' section (after selecting your tickets). If it is your first booking, or you haven't created an account previously, Bookwhen will only ask you to create a password after you have completed the booking (and it isn't compulsory to create one). 

Bookwhen does not require you to create an account name, select a sector, or set your timezone in order to complete a booking. If you see the screen below, you have navigated to the Bookwhen software sign up screen (for event organisers) and you should return to the event booking page (you can contact your event organiser if you don't know how to find this).

If you see the screen below then you have already created a Bookwhen software account -

But don't panic! Bookwhen will never charge you without you choosing to upgrade to a paid plan first. All you need to do is click on the chat widget in the bottom right hand corner of your screen -

to let one of the Bookwhen team know the email address you signed up with, and that you created your account accidentally. We will delete the account for you and you can return to the event's booking page to complete your booking.