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Finding your event

Your event organiser will provide either a link to their booking page or a booking page that is embedded into their website. Bookwhen will never ask you to login and provide a password before you have selected tickets and clicked 'view selections', if this happens you have probably navigated to the Bookwhen software page (for event organisers) and should return to your original booking link.

If you can't find your booking page link please contact your event organiser - they should be able to direct you to the correct page.

The booking page should look something like this (depending on which device you are using) -

Please note: this symbol -

Indicates that an event is fully booked. If your event organiser has set up a Waiting list you can put your name down to be notified if space becomes available (read about how to do that here). 

If the date you are trying to attend is not shown on the list you may need to adjust the date filter by clicking on select date -