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Purchasing Class Passes

If offered by your event organiser, Class passes allow you to purchase a block of classes which you can redeem a later date.

Class passes can be found near the top of the booking page (next to the schedule button).

To purchase a Class pass you must also select at least 1 event covered by that pass in the same transaction. As you can see in the example below, it isn't possible to purchase a pass on its own but selecting a valid class will allow you to take the booking to checkout -

(You may select more than 1 valid class in the initial Class pass booking if you prefer)

When you are ready to redeem the next class you book through Bookwhen using the usual method. If you use the same booker email address for a ticket that is redeemable with your pass (and is within the expiry period) then the cost of the ticket will be automatically deducted from your basket.

You can find more information about redeeming your class pass here.

You can read about cancelling and managing Class Passes here.