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How to book a Group ticket

Group tickets permit booking for more than one attendee on the same ticket. The process for booking is slightly different to a standard or 'single' ticket.

1. Navigate to the booking page via the link provided by the event organiser (this could be via social media, their website or email). The page should look similar to this -

2. A group ticket will be described as 'Group ticket for ..." and then how many people you can choose to book (sometimes they are set up for a determined number e.g. 5 people, and sometimes you can select how many e.g. 2-5 people). Click Select to choose the ticket, then indicate the number of people you are booking for using the '+' and '-' buttons, the booking system will automatically determine how many tickets you need based on the number of attendees you have entered. When you have selected the right number of people for your party, click View selections to continue -

3. Once you are happy you have selected the correct ticket you can click Book now. Each booking requires one Booker email address as the main contact for the booking, which you must enter next. Any attendee information that is required by the event organiser must be completed for each attendee included on the group ticket - this could be just a name, nothing at all, or anything else that the event organiser has determined. You will not be able to proceed to the next step until all attendee fields are completed for all attendees.

The remaining steps are the same as a 'single ticket' booking, you can read about the full process here and the relevant remaining steps are also included below -

4. If your ticket is free of charge, your booking is complete! (please see step 9 below).

If there is a cost associated with your event you will either be able to pay online (via credit or debit card), offline (another method) or given a choice between the two (depending on how your event organiser has set up the event).

Online payment

Click on the pay by card link and enter your card details. You can mark the remember me box to save time on your next visit. You may also be asked to provide a mobile number for security purposes (this will not be used for any purpose other than the booking). 

Offline payment

If you have the option to pay offline you can add a note to your booking in the additional information field. You must tick the agree offline payment terms box to acknowledge that you agree to pay later before you can complete the booking.

5. If you haven't done so previously, you will be asked if you would like to create a password. This is not required, but if you do choose to do so your checkout next time will be quicker, with some fields completed based on the information you have entered.

To create a password click on the link and then follow the instructions we will send to your booker email address (you can read more about creating a password here).