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How to join an online event

You can access the call information for your online event in two places:

1. Your confirmation email

2. By logging in (if you have previously completed a booking and created a password)

Joining from your confirmation email

If your event organiser has arranged for an online event via a web conferencing platform such as Zoom, Jitsi, Google Meet etc. or through a live streaming service such as Facebook live or YouTube live then you should be able to find the information to join the event in the confirmation email you receive after booking your ticket. 

You may find the joining information for your session in one of several places, depending on how your event organiser has set up their event. 

In some cases, you may be able to find video call information in your booking confirmation email -

If you can't find your session joining information there, you will need to access the event information page. From the confirmation email click on View online event -

Joining by logging in to Bookwhen

Or, if you have previously completed a booking and created a password, you can log in to Bookwhen. From there, locate the relevant booking and ticket, then click View online event -

From the Online event page, your event organiser will either enter a URL you can follow to access the session, or there will be a button you can click to access -

What to do if you can't find the link to join your online event

If you are unable to locate call information in any of the places outlined above please contact your event organiser directly for assistance.